Field trip 1: Galapagos Islands and volcanoes
Sep 28 – Oct 2: Visit the Galapagos islands including cinder cones and lava tunnels in Santa Cruz and Sierra Negra caldera on Isabela, source of 2005 and 2018 eruptions. Five days and four nights.



Field Trip 2: Cotopaxi Volcano

Oct 6: Visit the Northern flank of Cotopaxi volcano, outcrops of ash and pumice deposits, lahars and pyroclastic flows of one of the most dangerous volcanoes in Ecuador. One day

Field Trip 3: Imbabura UNESCO Geopark
Oct 6 – 7: Cross to the northern hemisphere and visit Imbabura province (Unesco Geopark), its volcanoes (Imbabura, Cuicocha, Chachimbiro), historical and cultural sites. Two days and one night.

Field trip 4: Reventador Volcano
Oct 6 – 10: Hands-on seismo-acoustic experiment at Reventador volcano. Five days and four nights.

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